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The Hradec Kralove
Region's Cultural Strategy

2022 - 2030


When we in the Hradec Kralove Region   decided to have our further activities and concept of support in the sphere of culture strategically planned, it was clear that an in-depth analysis of the cultural environment of our Region must be the first step.


We worked on it from January to July 2020, and were affected by the pandemic right from the beginning. Despite that, under the leadership of our supplier, ONplan lab, we arrived at a thorough analysis of the overall socio-demographic situation in the Region, reflecting also upon the culture and cultural heritage. We took a detailed look at the financial flows, the culture in municipalities, the facilities of cultural institutions, the potential of live culture and creative disciplines in the Region, as well as the presence of topics linked to culture in the strategic documents in municipalities, the Region, the country and the EU. And we also surveyed and verified that the Region has excellent and active cultural foundations for a variety of cultural players.


Our inputs for the analysis were gathered in municipalities and both public domain and internal sources available to the Regional Office. In terms of methodology, we used online question forms and structured interviews. The subsequent processing of the analytic inputs was participated in by many experts from the Regional Office across various disciplines, as well as our external partners.

The official Czech name is “Královéhradecký kraj”. 

The Hradec Kralove Region's Cultural
Strategy for 2022-2030

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Mgr. Kateřina Churtajeva
Head of Department of Culture Heritage and Tourism
Hradec Kralove Regional Authority

+420 737 997 977



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